Niger Delta area was known as peaceful region in the Bendel State. It was as a result of many political authors emerged from the year 2000 till date that brought political shenanigans, opposition, killing, assassination and all sort of vices in the region.

It has become a known or deal that whenever election comes, the top political class has turn it to do or die affairs where the masses ( The electorate ) supporting the opposition Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru   always victimized.

In delta state where militancy and kidnapping as become the other of day, election time were period, killing and their messengers where militants and kidnappers ere use as political thugs.

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As for the fifth ethnicity nation, the Urhobo’s this has brought the Urhobo nation to it knee. The notables Urhobo political elders e.g. the life of Sen. Ibrume, Chief Agbatutu of Agbarho and many other were taking by unknown gunmen.

The climax of the great kingpin kidnapper Kelvin Bruvwe from Kokori Inland increase the temps even after he was arrested in 25th September,  2013, his boys now took the mantle parading themselves ass warlords perpetually causes mayhem in the state and at large.

The Urhobo nationality was in support of their illusion son in the election 2004, 2007, 2011, 2015 and till date. Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru especially in his Local Government (Ethiope-East), the ruling party in the state people democratic party as political enemies which is even major problem bedeviled in the state.

The Federal Government as a matter of urgency look into the ugly situation. As a political opponent means you are a political enemies even after election. The government should provide a forum to nurture element of time democracy in the mind of the people.

Image result for ibori and ogboru pictureSecondly the government should create job employment for the teeming youth that are ready to work so that they can think of the future.

Paradoxically, let me quickly run through Kelvin, the Notorious kidnappers history. He is a graduate from the great University of Uniben, he came from oil producing town Kokori, his family has more than two to four oil locations wares. This is to say idle mind is the devil workshop.

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