Netflix Appears to Be Testing a ‘Skip Intro’ Button

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets users skip the opening credits of TV shows, for both Netflix Originals such as House of Cards, and Marvel’s Iron Fist, and third-party series such as Mad Men, and Friends. This works not only for shows that have the credits in the beginning, but also ones that begin with a cold open. It appears as a “skip intro” button in the right-bottom corner, above the play bar.

As it’s still being tried out – it was first spotted by Reddit users just over three weeks ago – you won’t see it across all the platforms that Netflix is available on, since that requires an app update in most cases. For now, the skip intro button is limited to Netflix via the Web browser.

Netflix is a big fan of A/B testing, and it does seem that the new feature went through a similar phase, or is possibly still undergoing that. Its latest public announcement, that of the new rating system, underwent a similar strategy before getting the nod from executives. It was the data – the thumbs up/down rating garnered 200 per cent more ratings than five-star – that convinced it of the potential.

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