‘MD lists benefits of WAPIC Insurance’s Smart Life plan

Wapic Insurance said it’s the newly introduced WAPIC Smart Life+ Plan would provide opportunity for users to systematically accumulate funds toward meeting short-term obligations and emergencies.

According to Wapic Managing Director, Life Assurance, Rantimi Ogunleye, the insurance solution that is designed with a free life cover, comes with a guaranteed principal and assurance of a good interest rate.

He added that it also allows the withdrawal of the money saved even before expiration of term without penalties. “With a minimum annual contribution of N60, 000 for a minimum of 1 year, anyone between the ages of 18-54 years can sign up.

“With the ever-evolving technology and ease of purchases, saving has become anything but easy. Especially considering ‘pressing issues’ which include bills (school fees, house rent, grocery shopping, daily transportation etc.) to be taken care of, making it harder to even think of saving money.”

“Even long-term projects like property investments and starting up a business can seem quite far-fetched for an average Nigerian. This is where Wapic steps in, prioritizing one’s needs is a smart thing to do but creating a clear, sustainable and realistic financial pathway to meet those needs is a smarter way and not just that, it is the Wapic kind of ‘SMART’.

“WAPIC Smart Life+ Plan is an insurance solution that provides you the opportunity of systematically accumulating funds toward meeting short-term obligations and emergencies with an embedded free life cover.

“Yes, ‘FREE life cover’, additionally your principal is guaranteed, and you are assured of good interest rates. WAPIC Smart Life+ Plan also allows withdrawal of the money one has saved even before expiration of term without penalties,” he added.

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