Afro Juju Icon, Sir Shina Peters Shameful Video With Toby Grey Surfaced Online

Afro Juju maestro Sir Shina Peters witnessed the harsh side of Nigerians today after an old video emerged online.

The video shot at an event showed singer Tobi Grey performing only for Sir Shina Peters to perform a sexual move on her to the shock of everyone.

According to reports, Tobi Grey was highly embarrassed and insulted during the show and the veteran Sir Shina Peters had to apologize after the show.

However, as the video emerged online today, a lot of Nigerians forgot that Shina Peters old enough to be their fathers, he was insulted without reservation. After been tagged severally in the insults, the singer had to appear with a sincere apology. Saying he only wanted to spice things up with fun and meant no harm.

“I am sorry if you find my act offensive” he apologized to the angry commenter.

Meanwhile, if you missed the video, see it here;

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