Popular Player Caught as He Tried to Meet “13-year-old girl” in a Hotel

A paedophile rugby player, Joe Snowdon has been caught in the act as he arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl by paedophile hunters.

According to reports, he tried to groom her for s*x by engaging in an explicit chat with the ‘girl’.

The Chronicle Live reports that despite the fact that she told him that she was a virgin, Snowdon told the “girl” he would like to do “more than kiss her”.

Unknown the the pervert, he had been talking to members of Dark Justice, a group who trap would-be paedophiles before alerting the police who swoop in to make an arrest.

A court heard the 24-year-old started chatting to “Amanda” on adult social networking site Skout, and then moved on to private conversations over WhatsApp.

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