WOW!!! Rap Legend Modenine Claims He Inspired Jay-Z’s ‘Story of OJ’ On 4:44 – See How Blackface Reacted To This

Veteran rapper and lyricist Modenine has stirred up a little bit of controversy after he alleged Jay-Z’s ‘The Story of OJ’ was inspired by him.

Modenine came out on social media to draw attention to a song he did ‘My Skin is Black’ in 2008 on his ‘Paradigm Shift’ album which has strong similarities with Jay-Z’s ‘The Story of OJ’ on the ‘4:44’ album. ‘The Story of OJ’ has so far drawn a lot of attention on social media as Hov touched a few issues on the song.

‘My Skin is Black’ and ‘The Story of OJ’ both sampled Nina Simone. Modo is of the opinion that he deserves some props especially in his country, Nigeria. He is quoted as saying ‘no idea is original but hey give Modo some props’.

See What Blacface posted in reaction to this below;

What do guys think about this ?

Source: Instagram

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