Widow who started dating brother-inlaw 2 months after husband’s death defends their relationship

A widow whose husband died after she banished him to the sofa following a row says she’s now in a ‘fake’ relationship with his brother for the sake of her kids.

Ashley Murrell came under fire after revealing she was inlove with her brother-in-law Chris after she found 36-year-old husband Mikey dead on the sofa in May 16.

Mikey had slept on the sofa after the couple rowed when he returned after another 16 hour shift at work and she was worried he was doing too much.

But days after she found out he was only working so many extra hours so he could take her to Prague for their anniversary on July 3.

Ashley told the MailOnline today that she has received death threats and abuse after posting a photo of her and Chris together this week.

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