Ekiti needs Marshal Plan, says Oni

Ekiti State governorship aspirant on the the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC),  Segun Oni, has promised to implement a Marshal Plan that would bring about a new social and economic order; if elected as governor.

Oni, the Deputy National Chairman of APC, told reporters in Lagos, that his ambition is a project of conscience.

The former governor said to curtail youth restlessness and insurgency, among others in the country and around the world, Ekiti required a new promised to implement social and economic order.

Oni, who lamented that some core values were already amiss, thereby affecting the orientation of youths, said: “The way we were raised was probably right but it is no longer right for us to expect that that is the way we would raise our children because they are under the scourge of population growth.

“They are also responding to a new world, behavioural patterns are changing and so on. So the story we have is we want to have a goal at having a society that will be more responsive to the requirements of young people to have a descent life. That is the whole story. A new social and economic order.

“We are very, very determined to do it, we know it can be done and we know we are going to crack a puzzle. We are going to get there by the grace of God. We are here to call on you to encourage us, to reason along with us, to challenge us and also gove us your contributions because if this problem is solved in Ekiti, it would definitely mean it can be solved elsewhere. If it is solved elsewhere in Nigeria, it definitely mean it can be solved elsewhere in the world.”

He added: “It is so terrible, as we are talking now, maybe in the last 24hrs, there is a migrant ship that has been sunk in the Mediterranean. Who are the people sinking it? They are the young people, you hardly would find people like me there who are of my age, male and female. They are young people because they have limited opportunities. They know the probability of dying is very high but because they are frustrated. What is the alternative? And some would now go and die there peacefully, some would pull out arms and decide to mow down others even if they would have to die.


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