Nigerian Lady Reveals She’s About To Get Fired From Her Job, Following Her Public Comment On Bobrisky’s Apartment

A Nigerian lady identified as Tiwaeve, revealed that she is about to lose her job following her public comment on Bobrisky’s apartment.

Her comment on Bobrisky’s house went viral and was rebuked by some users as it’s unethnical to reveal client’s details.

This was her post;

It is actually a rented apartment, my law firm handled the sale of that house, the owner is an Igbo man, actually the rent a year is N3.5m. Bobrisky issa liar

Tiwaeve, via her instagram page, revealed that she did not know her public comment would go viral.

She wrote;

You all should not crucify me too soon? I am actually been questioned by my boss, he’s seen this viral thing, I guess i’m getting kicked, pardon me people, i know its unethnical i crossed the line, didn’t know it would go viral, i guess i’m in need of a new job.


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