Weekend recipe: ‘Sausages in sweetened crepe blanket’ by chef Miyonse

Learn this amazing recipe: ‘Sausages in sweetened crepe blanket’ prepared by Chef Miyonse on #WakeUpNigeria. Recipe below:


– Eggs

– Sausage

– Tomato

– Scotch bonnet

– Onion

– Flour

– Milk

– Sugar

– Vegitable oil

– Seasoning cubes


For the sauce:

– Blend the tomato, scotch bonnet and onions making a paste

– Add oil into a pot

– Fry the paste and add seasoning

For the crepe:

– Make a dry mix of flour, sugar and salt

– Add the eggs and milk

– Add vegetable oil to the mixture

– Add oil into a frying pan

– Fry the crepe barter in medium low heat

– Fry the sausages.

To serve:

– Wrap the sausage and sauce in the crepe

– Serve and enjoy.

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