Between Sophia Momodu And Follower Who Said Her b**bs are Flat

Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu replied a follower on Instagram who body shammed her and told her she had sagging b**bs.

Sophia Momodu had gone unclad, showing off her b**bs on Instagram in a bid to advertise a Push Up bra, but her fans weren’t having it as many were of the opinion that her br**sts are flat and not suitable for such.

But this female Instagram user took it a bit too far when she called out Mama Imade over her supposed ‘flat chest’. and when Sophia responded, the Instagram user fired back.

The instagram user @prettyxgirlswag_ commented on the above pic: “Cute, but delete. Flat chest showing and not nice dear”

Sophia Momodu was quick to let her know her comment is irrelavant as she’s making her money and feeding a 30BG baby.

“You’re just talking.. I’m counting my kpa & holla at me after you’ve breastfed a 30bg baby” Sophia responded

But the Instagram user wasn’t backing down just yet, she had to point out that Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda also breasfeeds, and her b**bs are firm.

“Well bye madam 30 billion gang breastfeeder. I wonder why mama hailey chest isn’t like this cus she also breastfed”, She replied.

See the exchange below:


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