Kiss Daniel responds to critics who said his song “Yeba” promotes s*xual assault

Singer, Kiss Daniel‘s song “Yeba” despite being one of the biggest songs last year have of recent come under criticism from fans who believe the lyrics promotes s*xual abuse.

Some fans on social media have expressed their reservations about the part of the song that goes “Uncle, stop touching“, insisting that it may be promoting s*xual assault.

The singer has responded insisting that the song does not in any way advocate s*xual harassment.

He also stated that it actually does the opposite as just after the “Uncle, stop touching” line comes “Sorry madam” from the supposed uncle.

He wrote on Twitter; “The song teaches our ladies to speak out against what they haven’t consented to and for the men to realize that if a lady says No, No means No. Apologise and don’t go further, hence the reply by the guy.. “Sorry madam”. The fact that the lady agrees to dance with you doesn’t translate to s*xual consent”

source: Twitter

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